Firm Clients Honored as Esports Business Summit Tempest Awards


We are proud to share that our clients, Tim “Timthetatman” Betar, Kim Phan of RTS, and EVO 2022 were honored at the EBS 2022 Tempest Awards at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The awards ceremony celebrates those in the business of esports. The Esports Business Summit (EBS) is the largest esports business event in North America. Check out the accomplishments of our clients:

  • Kim Phan, Founder & COO of RTS – Inducted into the Tempest Hall of Fame.
  • Tim the Tatman’s Tailgate – Winner, New Event of the Year
  • EVO 2022 – Nominee, Esports Event of the Year




About Kim Phan & RTS:

RTS is an esports and talent management venture that was co-founded by Kim and counts Endeavor, a publicly traded talent and media agency, as its lead investor. RTS manages gaming talent, creator and esports ventures, and produces gaming industry events.


About Tim:

Tim “Timthetatman” Betar is one of the most popular gaming personalities and content creators in the world. He was first known for his Fortnite stream and has grown his following to 4.59 million on YouTube.


About EVO 2022:

EVO is one of the oldest, popular, and most storied events in esports. For the past 20 years, EVO has reigned as the top esports tournament and event within the fighting game community. EVO is a joint venture of RTS and Sony.


About Us:

Newman & Lickstein, LLP is a leading law firm serving the interactive media, gaming, and content creator industries. We work with some of the world’s most popular streaming talent and content creators, gaming organizations, game developers, management organizations, gaming brands, and a range of other technology-focused industries.

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