OTK Announces Launch of Video Game Publishing Label Mad Mushroom


We are excited to share that our client OTK has launched its own video game publishing label, Mad Mushroom. Mad Mushroom will give Indie game developers unrivaled visibility and will leverage its relationships with prominent content creators with over 38 million cross-platform social followers to promote its game titles. Mad Mushroom plans to collaborate with its creators to make decisions early in development to help games resonate best with viewers and the marketplace. Mad Mushroom plans to specialize in games that create engaging content and is game genre agnostic.

About OTK:

OTK is an industry-leading gaming influencer organization and media company that creates, builds, and shares innovative and engaging gaming streams and “gaming adjacent” media content and ventures. The organization has over 14 million followers and is one of the most popular organizations on Twitch.

About Us:

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